Biden Regime Trots Out Dirty John Podesta to Lecture Americans About Climate Change (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Dirty John Podesta made an appearance at Wednesday’s White House Press briefing to lecture us on ‘climate change.’

The Brandon Regime trotted out Podesta, a current Brandon advisor and former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, just barely a day after Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was indicted.

Podesta admitted Brandon’s so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is actually the Marxist green new deal repackaged with a different name.

“We have to cut the carbon pollution that’s driving the climate crisis and that’s what the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is all about!” Podesta said.

John Podesta said Americans in Phoenix experiencing temps above 110 degrees (shocker: it’s summer) are ‘feeling it.’

“The public not only gets it, I think they’re feeling it!” Podesta said about current weather events.

Podesta also absurdly claimed Americans across the political spectrum support climate change mandates.

“Across the political spectrum, they support the movement to cleaner forms of energy, cleaner forms of transportation!” Podesta said.


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