Joe Biden says His Son Beau Died of Cancer Minutes After He Said His Son Died in Iraq War (VIDEO)

Brandon on Tuesday traveled to Hallandale Beach, Florida to scare the older voters into voting Democrat so the evil Republicans don’t take away their Social Security and Medicare.

The Democrats always campaign on the same lies.

Brandon delivered remarks on ‘protecting’ Social Security and Medicare and lowering prescription drug costs.

Brandon confused the Iraq war and Ukraine war so he corrected himself.

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“Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq… Excuse me the war in Ukraine,” Brandon said before correcting himself.

“I’m thinking of Iraq because that’s where my son died,” he said.

This is a brazen lie.

Brandon’s son Beau died of brain cancer at Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland in 2015.

Brandon is a pathological liar.


A few minutes later Brandon slurred and said his son Beau died of brain cancer.


Last month Brandon shamelessly claimed his son Beau died in Iraq during a stop in Vail, Colorado.

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