Biden Scolds ABC's David Muir For Asking About His Stolen Classified Documents Scandal (VIDEO)

Brandon on Friday sat down for a one-on-one softball interview with ABC’s David Muir to discuss Russia, China, Ukraine, the impending nuclear war and scandals plaguing his adminsistration.

David Muir asked Brandon about his classified documents scandal.

Brandon stole SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Brandon Center.

Brandon also stored classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette where his son Hunter had access to the sensitive materials.

Brandon scolded David Muir for daring to ask if he was “irresponsible” for improperly storing classified documents.

“Can you assure the American people that none of the documents discovered in your garage or your old office compromised sources or methods or U.S. intelligence?” Muir asked.

Brandon deflected and said he was advised by his counsel not to discuss the case since it is an ‘ongoing’ Justice Department investigation.

“I’ve been advised by the counsel, let the Justice Department make that decision to not try to alter the case in any way,” Brandon said.

Muir pressed Brandon, “When you hear about boxes in your garage or in your old office, you call the Trump discovery ‘Irresponsible.’ Is there something irresponsible here though, too?”

Brandon pointed his finger at David Muir and fired back.

“You know, you’re a good lawyer,” Brandon said scolding him. “But you’re trying to make a comparison. There’s degrees of irresponsibility that are – they can be significant degrees of responsibility. The way in which the boxes were packed up from my office, apparently, not everything was gone through as meticulously as it should have. But there was no intention.”


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