Joe Biden Sees Massive Drop In Support From Asian-American Voters

For a few months now, lots of people in political media have been talking about Brandon’s drop in support from Hispanic voters.

Now there is evidence that Brandon is losing a significant amount of support from the Asian-American community.

According to new polling numbers from Pew Research, Brandon has dropped a whopping 30 points with Asian-Americans since April of 2021.

That’s huge.

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Townhall reports:

Brandon Sees Stunning Loss of Support Among Asian Americans

President Brandon’s approval rating has cratered over the last year in general, but he’s lost a stunning amount of support from one demographic in particular: Asian-Americans.

According to a July Pew survey, 55 percent of Asian-American adults either strongly or somewhat disapprove of Brandon’s performance on the job, while 44 percent somewhat or strongly approved.

These numbers represent a nearly 30-point drop from his support among Asian-Americans in April 2021, when Pew found 72 percent of Asian-Americans approved of the president’s job performance.

Here are some other findings from Pew:

Among the overall public, 37% say they approve of Brandon’s job performance, while 62% disapprove. More than twice as many adults strongly disapprove of Brandon’s job performance as strongly approve (45% vs. 18%).

Black adults are the only major demographic group where a majority have a positive evaluation of Brandon’s job in office (57% say they approve, including 32% who strongly approve). Views among Hispanic adults and Asian adults are mixed – 46% and 44%, respectively, say they approve of Brandon’s job performance. By contrast, a large majority of White adults (68%) say they disapprove of Brandon’s job performance.

While majorities across all age groups disapprove of Brandon’s job performance, his approval rating is 10 points lower among adults under 30 (31%) than among those 65 and older (41%).

Joe is losing support all over the place.

Democrats should be concerned. Very concerned.

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