Biden Spox Karine Jean-Pierre: "I Am a Black, Gay, Immigrant Woman

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday took over the press briefings after Psaki exited the position on Friday.

Karine Jean-Pierre wanted the reporters in the briefing room to know how special she is because she is a black lesbian.

“I am obviously acutely aware that my presence at this podium represents a few firsts. I am a black, gay, immigrant woman—the first of all three of those to hold this position, I would not be here today if not for generations of barrier-breaking people before me. I stand on their shoulders.” the 47-year-old daughter of Haitian immigrants said.

So? Who cares.

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Karine Jean-Pierre spent all day Monday talking in circles and not really answering any questions.

But she’s a lesbian so all is good in the world.


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