Biden Stammers Through Covid Presser, Can't Even Pronounce the Name of the Guy Leading His "Testing Program" (VIDEO)

How much longer are they going to prop this guy up?

Brandon on Thursday could barely make it through his Covid presser from his fake White House set in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Brandon announced at-home Covid tests and face masks will be available to Americans “for free.”

79-year-old Brandon slurred his words and struggled to pronounce the name of the guy leading his “testing program.”

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After mumbling through remarks for 10 minutes, Brandon stared blankly as his staffers shooed away reporters.

One reporter was able to squeeze in a question and Brandon brushed him off.

“What is your message to vaccinated Americans who are wondering why they should continue to restrict their activity given that your health officials say most Americans will get COVID?” a reporter asked.

“We’ll talk about that later. Come on, let’s go,” Brandon said.

What a creep.


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