Joe Biden to Pay Minimum of $300,000 Out-of-Pocket For His Granddaughter's Wedding at White House

Wedding photo provided by the White House

Hunter Brandon’s daughter, Naomi Brandon, got married at the White House on Saturday.

According to reports, Brandon is expected to pay a minimum of $300,000 out-of-pocket for his granddaughter’s wedding.

No press was allowed because Brandon said the wedding was a “private” event.

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Naomi Brandon married Peter Neal, a former Hillary Clinton campaign intern, in front of 250 guests at the White House.

Brandon is turning 80 on Sunday so his granddaughter’s wedding celebration this weekend worked as a cover to distract from the media focusing on his old age.

“The wedding gives some cover,” one of the wedding planners told CNN.

Dr. Jill and Joe will travel to Nantucket after the wedding festivities.

“Shortly after the wedding, Jill Brandon and Brandon will travel to Nantucket, Massachusetts, for the Thanksgiving holiday” – CNN reported.

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