Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Says Truckers Can Work Longer Hours to Address the Baby Formula Shortage

Brandon’s Secretary of Transportation (Mayor) Pete Buttigieg offered his suggestion for solving the baby formula mess that the Brandon gang created. 

The US is in a baby formula shortage due in large part to the actions of Brandon’s FDA.  The head of the FDA now says that he is alright with opening the formula plant in Michigan but the plant has not been given permission to produce the baby formula again.  The firm, Abbott, reported that based on its investigations, it had done nothing wrong before the FDA shut them down.

After Causing the US Baby Formula Crisis, FDA Head Now OK with Opening Plant FDA Shut Down Three Months Ago

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Brandon’s Secretary of Transportation, has opined on a number of items.  He recently expressed his concerns with schools that don’t teach about Buttigieg-approved theories on sex and gender.

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Pete Buttigieg: Kids Will Be Killed if Teachers Aren’t Allowed to Teach About Sex, Gender

Now Buttigieg has an idea for speeding up the delivery of formula to stores and babies.

Newsmax reports:

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Monday that his department can waive hours of service rules for truck drivers to deliver infant formula if needed.

“This is principally an issue of production — more than goods movement. But anytime we see an indication that goods movement is becoming a limiting factor, we’ll do anything we can to tear down obstacles,” Buttigieg told reporters.

According to Buttigieg, the answer to the baby formula shortage is to allow truckers to drive longer hours.

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