Biden Urges Parents To 'Affirm Your Child’s Transgender Identity' (VIDEO)

The Brandon administration is doubling down on its transhumanism agenda, urging parents to encourage their impressionable children to embrace the potential of being born in the wrong body.

“I want you to know that your President sees you –Joe, Kamala, Doug, our entire administration — sees you for who you are … deserving of dignity, respect, and support. But we know it’s hard when there are those out there who don’t see you, don’t respect you,” the dictator in chief said in a video published on Thursday commemorating his administration’s “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

“We’re committed to advancing transgender equality in the classroom, in the playing field, at work, in our military in our housing and health care systems — everywhere. Simply everywhere.” Brandon added.

Encouraging children to select their gender is critical to their well-being, the illegitimate president with a notorious history of inappropriately touching women and children warned.

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“To parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s [claimed transgender] identity [is] one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy,” Brandon said.

The Brandon White House also deployed transgender Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider to the briefing room on Thursday as part of their recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility.

During the briefing, Schneider repudiate “scary” legislation passed by Republican state legislators to protect females athletes in schools and prevent teachers from propagating the transgender agenda in classrooms.

Measures that limit transgender transition services for children impede access to “lifesaving medical treatments,” Schneider argued during a press briefing on Thursday.

“These bills will cause the deaths of children and that’s really sad to me and frightening,” he said.”The more that people like me can be seen the harder it is to sustain the myths that are kind of driving this hate and fear.”

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