Manchin's Approval Soars As He Stands Against Biden

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin told Chuck Schumer he would not be supporting the climate or tax provisions in Brandon’s Build Back Better bill. This was a massive blow to Brandon’s agenda.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

According to The Washington Post, on Thursday, Senator Joe Manchin told Chuck Schumer “unequivocally” that he would not support the climate or tax provisions of a Brandon’s failing attempts to pass his famed Build Back Better bill.

Schumer reportedly tried to negotiate the climate provisions, but Manchin would not budge an inch.

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Manchin told Schumer he would not support a bill this month with any provisions on energy or climate change, nor would he consider raising taxes on the wealthy or corporations.

The Brandon White House is now fuming at Manchin.

According to a report, Brandon can’t understand why Manchin “keeps torpedoing the party’s best-laid plans.”

Fox News reported:

President Brandon and the White House are reportedly “steaming mad” at Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., after the senator said he wouldn’t consider the administration’s climate and tax provisions in a sweeping Democratic bill.

“The president has told confidants that while he understands Manchin represents a deep-red state, he can’t fathom why he keeps torpedoing the party’s best-laid plans,” Politico reported on Tuesday.

The White House is trying to not let their anger known due to the fact they lost the last battle with Manchin publicly last time.

Politico reported:

It’s a restraint rooted less out of a desire to play nice than the recognition of political reality: The last time they took a whack at Manchin, it backfired spectacularly, causing a months-long break in negotiations around a pared down plan. Beyond that, no matter how the administration feels about the lawmaker, they’re going to need his vote in a 50-50 Senate over and over and over again.

Brandon’s agenda has been stalled again!

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