Biden Regime Sends Talking Points to Reporters Touting 2021 Accomplishments

This was weird.

Brandon on Friday wished a ‘joyous’ Mid-Autumn Festival to those who celebrate.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Mooncake Festival celebrated in the Chinese culture.

Similar holidays are celebrated in East and Southeast Asia.

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“Jill and I wish a joyous and full Mid-Autumn Festival to all those celebrating.” Brandon said.

“Over the next few days, families will gather, giving thanks and praying for health and happiness.” he said.

“My family joins yours in hoping your festivities lead to an abundant harvest in the year ahead.”

Stolen elections have consequences.

Beijing Brandon on Friday wished a joyous Mooncake Festival to those who celebrate as he took off to Delaware for another weekend vacation.

Brandon has spent 238 days – or 41% of his presidency on vacation, according to analysis by the GOP.

41% of Brandon’s presidency has taken place outside of the White House where there are no visitor logs.

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