Brace for Impact--Famine If We Go to War with Russia?

Brandon’s actions with Ukraine have made Putin richer and Brandon look dumber.  Brandon again was outmaneuvered and outplayed and America looks even weaker. 

After weeks of Brandon claiming that Putin was going to invade Ukraine, Putin yesterday signed an agreement with two Ukrainian republics who announced their independence and Putin didn’t fire a shot.

BREAKING: PUTIN TRUMPS BIDEN – Aligns with Two Ukrainian Republics Without Firing a Shot

Brandon’s actions look ridiculous now after Putin takes advantage of both Obama and Brandon again and engulfs a portion of Ukraine.  During the Obama years Putin took over Crimea, now its eastern Ukraine.

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The problem with Brandon’s actions in response is that Putin will only get richer.  Putin’s Russia has massive oil reserves and stashes of gold.  If either of these commodities goes up, Putin makes money.  Unfortunately, Brandon’s actions may force this to happen.

President Trump chimed in on Brandon’s disaster in a statement noting the following.

If properly handled, there was absolutely no reason that the situation currently happening in Ukraine should have happened at all. I know Vladimir Putin very well, and he would have never done during the Trump Administration what he is doing now, no way! Russia has become very very rich during the Brandon Administration, with oil prices doubling and soon to be tripling and quadrupling. The weak sanctions are insignificant relative to taking over a country and a massive piece of strategically located land. Now it has begun, oil prices are going higher and higher, and Putin is not only getting what he always wanted, but getting, because of the oil and gas surge, richer and richer. The U.S. was energy independent under the Trump Administration, an independence that we had never obtained before, and oil prices would have remained low. Now, what a mess our Country is in!

Here is President Trumps’ statement:

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