Biden's Approval with Hispanics Falls to 18% After First Lady Jill Compared Hispanics to Tacos

No more tacos for you.

Brandon’s numbers with the Hispanic community are falling after the First Lady’s comments comparing Hispanics to tacos.

Cringe: Jill Brandon Says Hispanics Are “as Unique” as Tacos, Butchers the Word “Bodega” During Speech at “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon” in San Antonio (VIDEO)

Jill Brandon’s team had to apologize for the remarks but unfortunately it was one taco too late.

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Jill Brandon’s Office Apologizes For First Lady Comparing Hispanics to Breakfast Tacos After Major Backlash

The Conservative Treehouse reported on the results from a recent Quinnipiac poll.

The “breakfast taco” comparison was declaration heard loud and clear amid a Latino/Hispanic population already unhappy with the economic and social destruction the Brandon administration has unleashed.

While it is not surprising to see a culture based on faith, family and tradition, become upset with policies that have a direct and immediate impact on their quality of life, it is surprising to see how much the Latino voting place has shifted.  A new Quinnipiac poll [DATA HERE], notably a very left leaning political survey operation, shows just how far the Brandon administration has plummeted:

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