Biden's Chief Of Staff To Exit White House After Midterms

Another key staffer is reportedly considering fleeing the Brandon administration.

Brandon’s chief of staff Ronald Klain is now rumored to be leaving the White House after the midterms.

NBC News reported:

Speculation is churning that Brandon could shake up the West Wing staff, although that’s not about to happen right away. Multiple people close to the White House said they’ve heard that chief of staff Ron Klain will depart at some point after the midterms, and one has heard him discuss leaving.

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One of his potential replacements is Anita Dunn.

Business Insider reported:

If Klain leaves his role in the Brandon White House, which he has held since the start of the administration, potential successors include Anita Dunn, who rejoined the White House earlier this month and has been part of the president’s inner circle for years.

Dunn, who previously served in the White House as a senior advisor from January 2021 to August 2021, is back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a senior advisory role.

This major shakeup comes as Brandon’s approval rating sinks lower and lower.

A recent poll found Brandon’s approval at only 34%.

Hot Air reported:

The last time we looked at the Civiqs series in early April, Brandon had slid down to 38% job approval and was above water in only four states. Only three states gave Brandon a majority approval level. Nearly eight weeks later, the longitudinal survey now shows Brandon at 34% approval level, above water in only three states, and only one has him at majority approval level.

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