Biden's Digital Reelection Strategy: Deploy 'Army of Influencers' Who Will Have Their Own Briefing Room at White House | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon with transgender pervert Dylan Mulvaney

Brandon has not announced his 2024 reelection bid yet, however his Soros-funded minions are already working to lock up his political opponent.

Brandon has no chance against Trump in a 2024 rematch since the cover of Covid is no longer an option.

So he’s resorting to using radical left-wing prosecutors to blunt Trump’s campaign.

Brandon is also apparently working on a digital strategy: An ‘army of influencers’ to tout Brandon’s record (try not to laugh) in an effort to reach young voters.

These ‘influencers’ will have their own briefing room at the White House.

Brandon is so popular that he has to pay people to cheer him on online.

Axios reported:

President Brandon’s not-yet-official bid for re-election will lean on hundreds of social media “influencers” who will tout Brandon’s record — and soon may have their own briefing room at the White House, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The move aims to boost Brandon’s standing among young voters who are crucial to Democrats’ success in elections — and to potentially counter former President Trump’s massive social media following, if he’s the GOP nominee in 2024.

  • Brandon’s digital strategy team will connect with influencers across the nation to target those who may not follow the White House or Democratic Party on social media — or who have tuned out mainstream media altogether.

  • Four Brandon digital staffers are focused on influencers and independent content creators. The staffers officially work for the White House, not Brandon’s campaign — but reaching young and suburban voters is clearly a priority.

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