Joe Biden's Slimy Sister Valerie Absurdly Claims Hunter Biden Making Millions in China Had Nothing to Do With His Father (VIDEO)

All of a sudden Chris Wallace wants to talk about Hunter Brandon’s shady overseas business dealings.

Wallace didn’t want to discuss Hunter Brandon during the presidential debates in 2020 when Trump brought up the laptop from hell, but now he needs the ratings because CNN+ is in trouble.

Brandon’s slimy sister Valerie Brandon Owens has been making the rounds this week and appeared on “The View,” a CBS morning show and spoke with Chris Wallace.

Valerie Brandon absurdly claimed Hunter Brandon making millions in China had nothing whatsoever to do with his high-profile father.

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Valerie Brandon expects you to believe the Chinese Communists corrupt Ukrainians were just eager to work with an unemployable degenerate crackhead who had zero experience in energy.

“You think [Hunter] got those jobs on his own in Ukraine and China, and it had nothing to do with who his dad was?” Chris Wallace asked Valerie Brandon.

“I know that Hunter is a bright young man…and he was involved in many businesses, so yeah,” Valerie Brandon said calling Hunter an “honorable and good young man.”


Good and honorable…

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