What Was This? Nancy Pelosi Stood Up and Cheered When Biden Talked About Soldiers Breathing in Toxic Smoke from Burn Pits

Now that we have some more time to ingest Brandon’s speech last night, experts are calling it his “Gaslight of the Union” speech and “Bizarre”.

Frank Gaffney shared the following about Brandon’s SOTU speech calling it Brandon’s “Gaslight of the Union” speech.

News Flash: Brandon did not deliver the State of the Union last night. Instead, the man who plays the President of the United States on TV presented the Gaslight of the Union.

Virtually the entire speech before a joint session of Congress and a national – indeed, global – audience was a clearly poll-tested description of what the American people want – not what they have been getting from the Brandon-Harris administration.

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For example, the Commander-in-Chief professed his determination to secure the border. To fund the police. To lower inflation and decrease energy prices. To support the people of Ukraine in their desperate fight for freedom.

Unfortunately, a president who uses his most powerful platform of the year to lie to the American people about his record and priorities is unlikely to live up to the many, desirable commitments he made last night.

Listen to Frank’s message below:

GOP Up and coming Representative Byron Donalds called it just plain “bizarre”.  Donalds was on with FOX where he shared:

Rep. Byron Donalds said Brandon’s “bizarre” State of the Union address was a result of a “drowning” president trying to save his poll numbers.

“I thought the speech was bizarre,” the Florida Republican told Fox News on Wednesday. “What you had is a president who’s been drowning, everything he’s done is wrong.”

“He was grasping at straws and throwing out populist talking points, but there still was no facts or real information behind it,” Donalds said.

“In the chamber, his delivery was frankly awful, and the imagery was not good,” he continued. “And at the end of the day, he tried to hold onto the actual specifics of liberal policy while throwing out populist points just to save his presidency and to probably save his poll numbers.”

These guys were spot on.

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