Joe Biden's "Student" Audience at Dakota County Technical College Were All Bussed in Posers and Plants (VIDEO)

President Brandon spoke to a small audience at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota on Tuesday.

It was a surprise visit. The regime knew they could not announce his arrival or there would be massive protests so they hid his trip from the community.

Despite this, there were hordes of Trump supporters and patriots who gathered on the highway to greet the illigitimate president, screaming, “F*** Brandon!” as he drove by.

Outside Brandon’s rally Dakota Tech students told independent journalists that the students inside the venue were ALL BUSSED IN from the Twin Cities.

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The school sent out an email at 3 AM in the morning to the Dakota County Tech students to stay home today and skip school. The students all said the so-called students inside the venue were ALL PLANTS!

Brandon has NO SUPPORT — He has to bus them in!

Hat Tip Midwest Engineer and @NoJabNurse on TikTok.

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