BREAKING: Attorney Matt Colangelo Is the Link Between Soros Backed DA Bragg's Office and the Obama White House and the Biden DOJ

We knew Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg wasn’t smart enough to put the bogus Trump indictment together himself, but he was dumb enough and corrupt enough to follow through with it.  

The real culprit behind the “get Trump” radicals in New York is the corrupt, newly hired, former Obama-Brandon DOJ attorney named Matt Colangelo.

Attorney Mike Davis unloaded Colangelo’s name along with Steve Bannon on the War Room today.

In their interview, Davis noted that Matt Colangelo is the link between the Brandon DOJ and DA Bragg in their corrupt acts in targeting and putting together a BS indictment against President Trump.  This guy was in the Obama White House and the Brandon DOJ and appears to have been brought in to indict President Trump on whatever he could come up with.

This is a great example of how Obama destroyed the US DOJ and made it anti-American, biased, and corrupt.  

Davis and Bannon dissected the corrupt actor pushing anti-American full woke actions in the corrupt DOJ now working with Bragg, Colangelo.

Colangelo was one of the first corrupt actors brought into Brandon’s DOJ in a top position.  This is the guy who acted with others to indict the likes of Americans who were praying outside of abortion clinics.

Only a few months ago, the former Obama DOJ radical was hired by DA Bragg in New York.

This radical is who’s behind indicting President Trump and he’s totally connected to Obama and Brandon.

It’s all just a political hit job by the American Trump haters in the Obama-Brandon Administrations.  These people hate America.  Obama called for change but his change was the total destruction of America, economically, internationally, and morally.

Mike Davis shared more on how Bragg’s phony legal theory exposes The Clear Political Hit-Job On President Trump.

Obama wanted to change America by destroying all that was good in this country.  Indicting Trump has been his dream ever since citizen Trump challenged Obama’s birth certificate. 

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