BREAKING: Independence Day Victory for Free Speech - Trump-Appointed Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Prohibiting DHS, FBI, DOJ, and Other Agencies from Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Americans in MO v. Biden Case - with Gateway Pundit as Lead Plaintiff! | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Monumental Independence Day Verdict! A Trump-appointed federal judge issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting DHS, FBI, DOJ, and other agencies from its government-wide, fascist conspiracy with Big Tech to censor speech and manipulate the public.

Before we delve into the details of this recent development, it’s crucial to trace our steps back and understand the sequence of events that led us to this juncture.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported in May that Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, along with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry,  filed a lawsuit (Missouri v. Brandon) against the Brandon Administration, including Brandon himself, Anthony Fauci, the Department of Homeland Security, and nearly a dozen federal agencies and Secretaries.

The suit alleges a massive coordinated effort by the Deep State (permanent administrative state) to work with Big Tech to censor and manipulate Americans – from average citizens to news outlets – on issues including the Hunter Brandon Laptop from Hell, 2020 Election Integrity, COVID-19 origin and extent skepticism, COVID-19 vaccine skepticism, among other issues.

In June 2022, The Gateway Pundit began assisting Missouri AG Schmitt’s team and providing critical evidence of Facebook and Twitter censorship of the Gateway Pundit on all of these issues. (Read more here.)

The case reached a CRUCIAL turning point in July when AG Schmitt and his team won a huge victory. They persuaded the federal judge to grant them limited discovery (investigatory powers) BEFORE the Court. (Read more here.)

This allowed AG Schmitt to compel the GOVERNMENT AND FACEBOOK AND TWITTER, and a few other social media platforms to turn over documents and communications exchanged between the government and the social media platforms, in which censorship was discussed.

In August 2022, we reported that TGP’s Jim Hoft himself became the lead non-governmental plaintiff in the lawsuit against the government. (Read more here.)

Since then, AG Schmitt’s team has been engaged in a slug-fest with the government and Big Tech to turn over the demanded documents.

Neither the government nor Big Tech wants to disclose the damning evidence against them and they’ve fought like hell to stop the disclosure.

Since that time, numerous government officials including Dr. Tony Fauci have been deposed and testified in the case.

And former Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt became a sitting US Senator from Missouri. The new Missouri AG Andrew Bailey took over when Eric Schmidt left the office.

Terry A. Doughty, the chief U.S. district judge in the Western District of Louisiana, is overseeing the case. The government is obviously very concerned about this case as it proceeds.

On November 22, 2022, The Government filed a massive MOTION TO DISMISS (the lawsuit).  Subsequently, the Government and States of Missouri and Louisiana and Gateway Pundit have been battling, in multiple lengthy legal briefs, why the federal court should NOT dismiss our lawsuit.

In support of our efforts to avoid getting knocked out, on MONDAY, March 6, 2023,  Missouri and Louisiana filed a massive summary of the evidence so far uncovered in the case,  along with a supplemental preliminary injunction brief.

The fact-finding summary is remarkable because it is the most comprehensive summary to date – anywhere – detailing the fascist, government-wide conspiracy with Big Tech to suppress speech and thought during the COVID-19 insanity, the 2020 election, and beyond.

The summary is the most powerful indictment yet of the oligarchy within the federal government’s disgusting campaign to subvert the will of, and manipulate, and control the public. (Read the 364-page documents here.)

On Monday, 20, 2023 – Judge Doughty issued his Order DENYING the Government’s MOTION TO DISMISS. 


The past year’s legal battle has solely been over Missour, Louisiana, and Gateway Pundit, et al’s ability or right to prosecute this lawsuit.  The Government’s efforts heretofore have been focused on obfuscating and stonewalling evidence on the one hand, and engaging in numerous tactics to extricate itself from the lawsuit, including through the filing of multiple motions to dismiss and to change venue (that is, to change courts in order to draw a communist judge who favors authoritarian government and widespread governmental censorship.

Now that the Government lost its main effort to crush us, the real war begins.  Having lost this crucial battle, the Government will be compelled to engage in full, “general” discovery.  This means that Missouri, Louisiana, Gateway Pundit, and the rest of plaintiffs will be empowered to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into the Government’s fascist conspiracy with Big Tech to shut down speech, censor thought, and engage in population manipulation through information control. (Find a Copy of Judge Doughty’s Order Denying the Motion to Dismiss, here.)

On this day, July 4, 2023, a landmark decision emerges in Missouri v. Brandon. The federal judge has partially granted an injunction that now prohibits DHS, FBI, DOJ, and numerous other federal agencies from colluding with Big Tech to censor posts on social media.

“IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction is GRANTED in part and DENIED in part,” said Judge Terry Doughty, United States District Judge.

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