BREAKING: May Inflation Number Higher than Expected at 8.6% - CPI is Highest in 40 Years, Since 1981 and Higher than Expected -- Food, Gas, Utilities -

May inflation numbers came in higher than expected at 8.6% – the highest number in 40 years since 1981.
Everything went up.

Food at home prices climbed 10% year over year!

This is the worst number since 1981.
The inflation rate was 1.4% when Brandon came into office.

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Utilities up 30% year over year.
Gas is up 49% in one year.

CPI higher than expected at 8.6%.

Food is up 10%.
Energy is up.
Hotel prices 9% up month over month.
Air prices 18.6% jump over month before and 37% over last year.


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