BREAKING: Saudi Owners of Twitter Decline Musk's Offer

The Saudi owners of Twitter have rejected Elon Musk’s ask to purchase the company as reported this morning.   Now Twitter’s stock is tumbling.

TGP reported this morning that Elon Musk made an offer for the Big Tech giant.

BREAKING: Elon Musk Wants to Buy Twitter for $43 Billion and Transform It Into ‘Private Company’

Now Zerohedge is reporting the following:

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Having surged higher on Musk’s initial bid, TWTR shares have now plunged back to earth and erased all the day’s gains as investors either a) take profits on Musk-driven spikes, or b) dump the stock in anticipation of the board’s rejection and the subsequent liquidation of Musk’s holdings

Moments ago, the Saudi prince who has a large stake in Twitter announced that Musk’s proposal to purchase the company was too low.

In addition Zerohedge reports on Twitter’s response to Musk:

Glen Greenwald had the best analysis of what’s going on:

Twitter is a great tool with horrible management.  Quite frankly they appear to be possessed.

Now there are reports of a company-wide meeting this afternoon to discuss today’s events.

Another obvious must be asked – why would Twitter want Saudis running their business rather than an American who is for free speech?

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