DEVELOPING: Indictment Watch: Marxist Fulton County DA Fani Willis to Present Trump 2020 Election Case to Grand Jury Early Next Week | The Gateway Pundit

This is Brandon’s 2024 campaign since he is an utter failure.

Cameras will be allowed in the courtroom if Trump is indicted in Fulton County, Georgia.

Trump’s arraignment will likely be broadcast on live television.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is about to destroy the Trump campaign – and since Trump is the Republican Party’s de facto leader, Willis will effectively obliterate the GOP by hitting Trump with racketeering and conspiracy charges.

The corrupt Georgia Democrat prosecutor is going to charge Trump along with MULTIPLE defendants with her indictments this week.

According to the latest leak to CNN, Fani Willis will seek more than a dozen indictments against Trump and people in his orbit.

The DA will use conspiracy and racketeering charges to sweep up multiple defendants at once.

NBC News reported:

If Donald Trump is indicted in Fulton County, Georgia, it will not be the first time the former president will answer to criminal charges in a courtroom. But this time, the entire process will likely play out on live television.

Unlike federal or Manhattan courts, where the former president appeared for his three previous arraignments, Georgia law requires that cameras be allowed into judicial proceedings with a judge’s approval.

In 2018, the Georgia Supreme Court, in an order amending the law to include smartphones, underscored the importance of transparency: “Open courtrooms are an indispensable element of an effective and respected judicial system.

“It is the policy of Georgia’s courts to promote access to and understanding of court proceedings not only by the participants in them but also by the general public and by news media who will report on the proceedings to the public.”

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