Catholic Reporter Grills Jen Psaki About Biden's Abortion Stance, She Refuses to Answer His Questions

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer a reporter’s question about when Brandon believes that life begins.

Psaki grew increasingly frustrated with the reporter, who was persistently attempting to get answers to questions about the White House’s position on abortion.

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The exchange began with Owen Jensen of the Catholic news organization EWTN News asking if being pro-abortion will be a requirement for Brandon’s Supreme Court pick.

“How will the debate over abortion shape the President’s selection process?” Jensen asked.

“The President is going to select an eminently qualified black woman to serve on the Court, someone — and he’s going to do that through consulting with a range of members of Congress, through outside experts, and obviously through engagement with them directly. But I don’t think I’m going to give you more specifics from here,” Psaki replied.

Jensen continued, “But that person — will that person have to be pro-abortion?”

“I think somebody asked a similar question. I’m not going to outline litmus tests from here today,” Psaki replied, dodging the question.

Jensen persisted, “Okay. Following up on that, the President has said in the past he does not believe that life begins at conception. When does he believe it begins?”

“You know the President’s position. He believes in a woman’s right to choose,” Psaki said, once again avoiding what she was asked.

“But that’s not the question I asked. I said —” Jensen interjected.

“And he’s spoken — he’s spoken to this in the past. And I know you ask this every time you come in here, which is your absolute right, but I don’t think I have anything new to reveal for you,” Psaki continued.

Jensen did not give up.

“The question is: When does he believe life — and essential to the debate over the question of a baby’s viability, pro-life Americans — don’t you agree? — should know where the President stands on his thinking on this. It’s a fundamental question,” Jensen asked.

Psaki continued to dodge, “the President believes in a woman’s right to choose.”

“But his — when does he believe life begins?” Jensen tried one last time.

At this point, Psaki said that she was going to move on to another reporter unless he asked a different question — which he did. Jensen shifted gears and asked about the expanded Child Tax Credit.

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