Champagne Socialist and Idiot AOC Is Mocked Online After Ranting About Capitalism in a Creepy 'Joe Biden Whisper' Voice

Champagne Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was mocked on social media Friday after lecturing about capitalism in a creepy Brandon-esque whisper voice.

In her Instagram story, the progressive representative told her followers a little secret about capitalism after she was asked, “How do you respond when people accuse you of being a ‘socialist’?”

“Let me tell you a secret,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a creepy Brandon-like whisper. “Most people don’t really know what capitalism is. Most people don’t even know what socialism is. But most people are not capitalists, because they don’t have capitalist money. They’re not billionaires.”

“The label doesn’t matter as much as talking about policies. That’s easier to understand. Do you think people should die because they can’t afford insulin? Do you think that fossil fuel CEOs should decide whether the planet gets set on fire? Me neither,” AOC continued.

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“Unionize your workplace. Start a worker cooperative. If it’s too extreme for working people to own the means of production, why is it okay for private billionaires to own the means of production,” AOC continued.

Air Force Combat Veteran and Candidate for Representative in Congress for Maryland 8th, Dr. Mariela Roca, said What’s up with the left always using this condescending whisper? Why can’t they talk to us like normal people? I wonder if there is anyone that actually appreciates this tone.

One Twitter user said, “Just when you thought the Democrats are really stupid, AOC whispers her thoughts and it got worse. Too bad that everybody STILL heard her brainless comments. A painted up, self-centered clown: She is an Hispanic version of Tammy Faye Baker!!”

Last month, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed capitalism and the US economy during an interview on Thursday.

“To me, capitalism at its core, what we’re talking about when we talk about that, is the absolute pursuit of profit at all human, environmental, and social cost,” the champagne socialist said in an interview with Yahoo! Finance’s Andy Serwer.

“They can control our labor. They can control massive markets that they dictate and can capture governments,” AOC said claiming a small group of capitalists control everything.

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