Chicago Mayor Lighfoot Whines and Calls Texas Governor's Illegal Migrant Buses to Chicago "Racist"

Over 4.9 million illegals entered the United States during Brandon’s first 18 months in office via the open southern US border.

That is roughly the population of Ireland — crossing the open border into the US in 18 months!

Democrats love this.  They want this.  They support this.  They say walls are racist.

They believe in borderless world for the masses but not for them.

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Democrats say they support sanctuary cities and open borders but when a fraction of the migrants are shipped to their cities they sure raise a stink.

On Wednesday Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced he was sending busloads of illegal aliens to Chicago.

In response to the move Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the governor a “cheap politician” and his actions “racist.”

She sure hates the busloads of migrants!

Lori Lightfoot:  “This is a humanitarian crisis manufactured by a cheap politician who is focused on his own political fortunes and pandering to frankly the lowest common denominator in his party.”

You gotta love these hypocrites. How awful.

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