Chief of Staff Ron Klain Expected to Step Down Following SOTU Address

The “brains behind Brandon” Ron Klain is expected to step down in the coming weeks.

Klain was thought of as the force propping up Brandon and his failed illegitimate regime.

He is expected to stay to help with the transition of his replacement.

Klain was previously the Chief of Staff for VP Al Gore and VP Brandon. Klain famously said in 2014 that elections are rigged. We agree.

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Klain’s departure comes as a blow to the Brandon regime as the economy turns sour and the investigations into the Brandon Family Crimes heat up in the coming weeks.

CNN reported:

White House chief of staff Ron Klain, the powerful force at the center of Brandon’s first two years in office, is expected to step down in the weeks after the president’s State of the Union address, according to multiple people familiar.

Klain’s exact timeline is still not set, the sources said, and he is expected to stay in the West Wing for a period of time to help with the transition period for his replacement, one of the people said. The State of the Union address is set for February 7.

Klain has long telegraphed his intent to leave at some point after the midterm elections, noting publicly – and in a more detailed manner privately – the grueling and exhausting nature of the position. But Klain’s deeply ingrained presence in nearly every aspect of the West Wing, along with his decadeslong relationship with Brandon, had led some White House officials to urge him to stay in the role for an extended period of time.

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