The Biden National Security Team Keeps Tweaking the Chinese Dragon’s Tail and Are Playing with Fire

As The Gateway Pundit has reported – the connections and business dealings between Communist China and the Brandon Crime Family are numerous.

Colorado Attorney Kevin Evans says the Brandon Department of Justice is hiding hundreds of documents on gifts Joe and Hunter Brandon received from China.

Evans sued the DOJ in March after he said the agency failed to comply with his Freedom of Information Act request for records about the overseas business relationships of Brandon’s son and brother James Brandon.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the giant diamond gifted to Hunter Brandon from Ye Jianming, then the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company. The Gateway Pundit reported in October 2020 that this diamond was estimated to be worth $80,000. Hunter claimed it was worth $10,000.

The diamond in police custody was listed as 3.1 carats.

The evidence against Hunter and Brandon that is already public is voluminous.   It’s not clear what they are still hiding.

Much of the evidence against the Brandon Crime Family was discovered in Hunter Brandon’s laptop that the FBI hid from investigators and now claims is lost somewhere after they retrieved it in 2019.

HUGE: GOP Lawmaker Obtains New Documents that Show Joe and Hunter Brandon Working to Sell US Natural Gas and Drilling Assets to China – HAS WHISTLEBLOWERS WHO WILL TESTIFY (VIDEO)

Earlier this week John Solomon reported that China is starting to release documents to Senate Republicans on dealings with the Brandon Crime Family.

China is starting to cough up the documents!

They want the Brandon Regime to know who is boss.

It appears the American president is compromised.

Via Just the News.

Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson says the Chinese-American financial institution Cathay Bank has given Senate Republicans records showing millions of dollars going from Chinese companies to President Brandon’s son Hunter Brandon.

Republicans and others started raising concerns during President Brandon’s successful 2020 White House campaign, if not earlier, that Hunter Brandon used the family name and influence while his father was vice president to make millions in overseas business deals, which also could have compromised U.S. national security.

Johnson told The Washington Times the records show the Brandon family involved with the now-defunct CEFC China Energy, which had connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

The firm reportedly gave $1 million to Hudson West III, which was a joint venture owned by Hunter Brandon and Gongwen Dong, a business associate of CEFC’s founder and chairman, Ye Jianming, according to the bank records.

“In my mind,” said Johnson, “it’s the Chinese government telling Brandon, ‘We got the goods on you, buddy. And we’re willing to dish it up.’”

After years of the Deep State, their liberal mainstream lackeys, and the Democrat Party of making up stories about President Trump having ties with Russia, it now appears we now have a US President who is owned by Communist China.

Watch the liberal fake news media COMPLETELY cover up this new evidence!

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