The Biden National Security Team Keeps Tweaking the Chinese Dragon’s Tail and Are Playing with Fire

Brandon is going to single-handedly bring America to its knees with his economic and foreign policy initiatives.  China and Russia are taking advantage of the clowns running the Brandon circus. 

One year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine after what it claims was a response to US and NATO actions.  This action has led to thousands of deaths of Ukrainians and Russians.

Brandon’s response is to send billions to Ukraine.  The money is one, thing but where it goes is another.

Now the CCP is inserting itself into the Russian – Ukraine war and calling for peace.  This effort, at a glance, makes Brandon look the fool, the US look weak and China look like the champion and peacemaker.

The Daily Mail reports:

China‘s foreign ministry on Thursday called for a ceasefire and peace talks – as the country pushed for the end of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The communist state claimed it wants to prevent the crisis from getting out of hand, noting that dialogue and negotiation are the only viable ways to resolve the conflict, according to a position paper released on Friday.

On the one-year anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine, China called for a comprehensive ceasefire and gradually promoted the de-escalation and easing of what Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky called ‘a year of pain, sorrow, faith and unity’ as he marked the grim milestone for his country this morning.

This action puts Brandon in a bind.  Does this administration, which is led by only God knows who, fight a peace offer?  That is a losing position.  Or does the Brandon gang acquiesce to China and allow China to set the terms of the deal, gaining world prestige as the great purveyor of peace?

Brandon has no strategy.  His only efforts to date have been to push for more fighting and more money going to Ukraine where it ends up is anyone’s guess.

President Trump said he could have a deal in 24 hours.  Now China is making a peace offering.  Brandon pushes for World War III.

This is a horrible look for the USA.  Brandon deserves all the credit.

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