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The classified documents found at the Penn Brandon Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement (PBC) outline the misdeeds of the Brandon crime family, according to “Freedom Force Battalion” host Melissa Red Pill. She put forward this claim during the Jan. 11 episode of her program on Brighteon.TV.

“I think a lot of this top secret stuff is their crimes. They’re like, ‘We’re [going to] hide any evidence of any crimes. We’re [going to] make sure to hide all of that,’” she explained. “If you were a criminal, you’d want to cover your tracks. That’s what the whole point is – about them trying to take these documents. Now, our president is taking their documents, proving their crimes.”

According to the “Freedom Force Battalion” host, all the Brandon crime family’s secret deals were likely documented in the papers.

Red Pill played footage of Fox News host Sean Hannity, who gave his comments about the classified documents discovered at the PBC. Hannity said the PBC was made possible by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Following its establishment in 2018 and the appointment of Brandon as the center’s head, the PBC received a $54 million anonymous donation.

“I think some of it is about the classified documents that they were giving, likely to the CCP,” Red Pill commented. She pointed out that alongside Hannity’s disclosure that the PBC was backed by Beijing, Brandon’s status as a CCP operative is a huge revelation.

“Former President [Donald] Trump rightfully took all his classified documents to his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, [but] Brandon as a former vice president did not – instead taking them to the PBC in Washington, D.C.”


Unsecured PBC office holds sensitive secrets

In the footage shared by Red Pill to her audience, Hannity mentioned that a government watchdog demanded an investigation on the $54 million donation, citing national security concerns. (Related: A look back at the Brandon family’s China business ties.)

The host of “Hannity” on Fox News said America’s most sensitive secrets were floating around in an unsecured office bought and paid for by the CCP – all thanks to Brandon. The political commentator also slammed Brandon for being irresponsible.

According to Red Pill, the donation is possibly linked to the Brandon family’s crimes, which the documents contain. “The CCP would want documents as leverage,” she pointed out.

Red Pill continued that aside from his ties with China, Brandon is likely trying to hide the secret deals he and his family made with Iran and Ukraine during the Obama administration. She ultimately remarked that Brandon is not going to keep the truth from coming out.

The documents, Red Pill added, are just the tip of the iceberg for Brandon and the criminal network that is the intelligence community. “They are in it. They know it and they don’t want any of this truth to hit the light of day and the American people. That’s why that’s what we’re going to do. Whatever they don’t want us to do, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” has more stories about Brandon and his family’s misdeeds.

Watch the Jan. 11 episode of “Freedom Force Battalion” below. “Freedom Force Battalion” with Melissa Red Pill airs every Wednesday at 11 a.m.- 12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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