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Jeffrey “InTheMatrixxx” Pedersen argued that a huge heist and conspiracy is underway in the U.S. itself – in the form of climate tyranny.

The co-host of “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” on Brighteon.TV laid down this argument during the program’s July 19 episode.

“You know, this Green New Deal is a great China grift,” he said. “This is the biggest heist and [the] biggest conspiracy against our great nation I’ve ever seen.” Pedersen cited the utilization of countless green technologies – all made in China – as to why the Green New Deal did not work in America’s favor.

“You got Chinese solar panels, turbines, batteries, [electric vehicles], rare minerals [and] chips after Brandon lets them take over Taiwan. And 10 percent or more for the ‘big guy.’ This is the biggest heist [in] America, and it’s been in the works for years, decades, maybe even centuries.” (Related: “Green” energy components are almost all made in China, and many use minerals from dirty mining operations.)

According to InTheMatrixxx, the concept of green tyranny came from Nazi Germany. He then played a video clip of President Brandon calling for a climate emergency. Brandon blamed human activity for the cause of climate change – which, he said, is something “no longer subject to debate.”

“Since Congress is not acting as it should, this is an emergency and I will look at it that way. As president, I’ll use my executive powers to combat the climate crisis in the absence of [legsislative] action,” said the president.


Shannon “ShadyGrooove” Townsend, meanwhile, remarked on how interesting it was to see Brandon pushing forward with the climate emergency, despite the fact that the U.S. is seeing inflation going through the roof.

The “Matrixxx Grooove” co-host also commented on Pedersen’s remarks about green tyranny originating from Nazi Germany. This tyranny, alongside centuries of control over human beings, is the reason why America was born during the American Revolution of 1776.

Washington also pitting patriots against fellow patriots

Pedersen and Townsend also talked about patriots attacking fellow patriots in their program. According to “InTheMatrixxx,” people are purposefully falling for all the fodder against patriots, adding that those responsible for this disinformation are “talking a lot of crap that they can’t back up.”

ShadyGrooove concurred, acknowledging that there are people paid to say ridiculous stuff on different social media platforms just to cause mayhem. These communist infiltrators, he added, do not like We The People controlling the government as they want the government to tell people what they should do. Shady described these authoritarianism-loving individuals as “perfect puppets” who like being told what to do.

Pedersen called on Americans to fix the elections, based on the evidence presented by Dinesh D’Souza in his documentary “2000 Mules.” (Related: Matrixxx Grooove: Documentary about how 2020 election was stolen from Trump now showing in theaters nationwide – Brighteon.TV)

Townsend also mentioned that the Brandon administration is attempting to upend anyone who uncovers information about election fraud. He added that the federal government is taking steps to prevent people from getting access to this information.

Ultimately, Townsend remarked that the American people are confused and lost, with no idea what is going on as Washington is acting on behalf of the globalists. Both the mainstream media and alternative media outlets are completely ignoring what is happening, he added.

According to ShadyGrooove, patriots willing to share the truth about what is really happening are the reason why “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” exists.

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Watch the July 19 episode of “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” with Jeff and Shady below. Catch “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” with Jeff and Shady from Monday to Friday at 12-1 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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