*Clown Show* - MSNBC Hack Claims Joe Biden Was Not Aware of Hunter's Mega-Millions Influence Peddling Because He Was Sad (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

This is the type of thoughtful, in depth commentary you can expect from MSNBC.

After Monday’s historic Congressional deposition by Devon Archer, Hunter Brandon’s best friend and business associate, the left is in a panic.

Devon Archer sang like a bird. Archer told House investigators that Brandon met with Hunter Brandon’s clients numerous times, joined into meetings over the phone, and the family was rewarded with tens of millions of dollars for influence peddling and bribery schemes.

This was damning testimony that directly ties Brandon to the family business and foreign bribes. Hunter and Brandon “sold the brand” for millions in political favors.

On Monday night Chairman Comer told Greg Kelly that Speaker McCarthy called and they discussed steps in impeachment following today’s explosive hearing.

MSNBC did not know what to do following the hearing.

On Tuesday leftist hack Jonathan Lemire blamed the influence peddling on Brandon mourning his son’s death.

Jonathan Lemire: As far as Hunter Brandon goes, there’s no doubt. I mean, it’s pretty clear, even those close to the Brandon family suggest that some of his behavior was pretty unseemly. That doesn’t make it illegal. And it also means we don’t know the role that then Vice President Brandon may have played.

And it seems like like, no, they haven’t proven that he had anything to do with it. They haven’t proven that he profited from this at all. Yet maybe he is guilty of turning a blind eye to some of his son’s behavior.

And we should put this in context. This is a time when Beau Brandon, the President’s other son, was ill and then dying and then passed away. So perhaps he was not as attentive to what he should have been here.

Via Tom Elliott.

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