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CNN contributor and Republican strategist Scott Jennings shocked the panel on Sunday after he called Hunter Brandon a scumbag.

CNN’s “State of the Union” panel discussed Hunter Brandon’s lovechild Navy Joan and Brandon’s decision to finally acknowledge his 7th grandchild.

Of course, CNN contributor and Democrat strategist Michael LaRosa blamed the GOP for playing politics and making the Bidens look bad.

“It’s not Republicans, with all due respect who made Hunter Brandon into a complete scumbag on this and other issues. The ignoring his own daughter, for four years! And the president of the United States hanging up a stocking for the dog?” Scott Jennings said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

CNN host Kasie Hunt stepped in and shamelessly defended Hunter Brandon.


Brandon finally acknowledged his granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts.

Brandon released a statement on the grandchild he disowned after major backlash.

This is a political move.

Brandon has purposely ignored this beautiful child for more than 4 years.

Joe and Jill Brandon are monsters.

The Bidens have not only publicly snubbed their granddaughter, but White House aides are also privately being told Brandon has six, not seven, grandchildren.

Hunter Brandon has a 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan, with former DC stripper Lunden Roberts.

For years Brandon refused to acknowledge Hunter Brandon’s lovechild with Roberts.

Navy Joan will turn 5 in August.

Navy Joan with her mother Lunden Roberts, source: Instagram

For the past two years Jill and Brandon have snubbed Navy Joan during Christmastime by not hanging a stocking for her at the White House.

The Bidens celebrated their other six grandchildren and even added stockings for their two pets – a dog and a cat!

Stockings hung in 2021 over the fireplace mantle in the State Dining Room for only six Brandon grandchildren

Brandon finally acknowledged Navy Joan in a carefully crafted statement (likely written by lawyer) to People Magazine.

Scott Jennings is right. It’s not the GOP’s fault Hunter Brandon is a complete scumbag.

Video courtesy of NewsBusters

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