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More than 18 months since describing Hunter Brandon’s laptop as a “Breitbart rabbit hole,” CNN has finally jumped in and started reporting about it.

In late 2020, former CNN chief Jeff Zucker explained why his network refused to cover the explosive story about the Brandon family’s corruption.

“The Wall Street Journal reported that their review of all corporate records showed no role for Brandon on the Chinese deal. And yes, I do put more credibility in the Wall Street Journal than I do in the New York Post,” he said.

But with the Left no longer willing to support Brandon for reelection, the “Breitbart rabbit hole” has become valuable for them to make sure that they have a different nominee for 2024. So CNN is now in the same rabbit hole, reporting on the laptop.

CNN noted that no final decision had been made on whether or not to bring charges against Hunter Brandon, but their sources say that the probe has intensified in recent months, along with discussions among prosecutors in Delaware, investigators running the probe and officials at the Department of Justice (DOJ) headquarters.

David Weiss, U.S. attorney in Delaware, is now leading the probe, which started in 2018. Discussions have also centered around possibly bringing charges that could include alleged tax violations and making a false statement concerning Brandon’s purchase of a firearm at a time he was prohibited from doing so because of his acknowledged struggles with drug addiction. (Related: Column: Suddenly, Hunter Brandon scandals are real.)


This same investigation also loomed large among already politically fraught issues Merrick Garland faces as attorney general, with Weiss being one of a handful of appointees of former president Donald Trump, who were kept on by the Brandon administration because they were overseeing politically sensitive investigations.

Politico noted that the Washington Post and the Daily Mail both obtained their copies of the laptop from Jack Maxey, a former co-host on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast.

In June 2021. the Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler also served as an intermediary for a meeting between Maxey, editor Peter Wallstein and investigative reporter Tom Hamburger. They said that they had problems with the first copy of “the drive,” and Maxey subsequently gave the paper three other digital copies, one of which is more user-friendly.

FBI shows major bias over claims against Hunter Brandon

Meanwhile, Senator Ron Johnson accused the Federal Bureau of Investigation of major bias over whistleblower claims against Brandon. He told Fox News that he had “no faith” in FBI Director Christopher Wray to oversee anything related to the president’s son.

The FBI is currently pursuing an unrelated tax investigation into Hunter Brandon’s overseas business dealings. Johnson said it is important for the American public to know that the FBI had Hunter Brandon’s laptop since December 2019 and that the agency saw evidence of criminal activity on it.

Johnson also accused the FBI of having “done nothing” with the supposed evidence. “Here we are at the end of July, early August 2022. What have they done with it?” he asked. (Related: Hunter Brandon evidence wrongly labeled disinformation by FBI: Whistleblower.)

He added that people cannot trust the DOJ and the FBI to get to the bottom of the issue.

Some current and former DOJ officials are saying there is an unwritten rule that prosecutors avoid bringing politically sensitive cases within 60 days of an election. However, other current and former DOJ officials are saying that this does not necessarily apply in this instance since Brandon is not on the ballot during midterms.

A lawyer for Hunter Brandon declined to comment on the matter. However, he has not been charged with any crimes and has previously denied any wrongdoing. His father has not been investigated as part of the probe of his business activities, either.

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