CNN once again fearmongering about COVID to scare everyone back into masks – DON’T BE FOOLED –

CNN once again fearmongering about COVID to scare everyone back into masks – DON’T BE FOOLED

Now that public interest in the “vaccines” has pretty much dropped to zero, the fake news media is once again trying to stir up fear about the latest strains of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the hopes that it will scare enough people into once again wearing a mask.

CNN ran wild with headlines recently claiming that “everyone has COVID-19.” The claim is that the latest “wave” of the virus is “probably worse than official data suggests,” which begs the question: what data?

Last we checked, COVID is long gone, and the only people still getting sick are those who took the jab and now suffer from progressive immune failure and vaccine-induced AIDS. Everyone else seems to be humming along as usual.

Leave it to CNN, though, to manufacture more scare stories about how COVID “didn’t take a vacation this summer.”

“Virus levels in the U.S. have been on the rise for weeks, but it’s hard to know exactly how widely it’s spreading,” CNN claims.

“Federal data suggests that the current increases have stayed far below earlier peaks and notable surges. But judging by word of mouth among family, friends and coworkers, it can seem like everyone knows someone who’s sick with COVID-19 right now.”

(Related: Remember back in 2021 when CNN advocated for the unvaccinated to be starved to death as punishment for non-compliance?)

CNN goes with anecdotes rather than data to push COVID propaganda

Since the actual data shows that nothing is amiss, at least among the unvaccinated, CNN chose a different tactic by pulling the “family, friends and coworkers” card to try to personalize the fear for its followers.

If a CNN consumer can be convinced to go with an anecdote rather than actual science, then the better the chance that he, she, or “they” will go along with the COVID 2.0 even that fake president Brandon and his media friends are planning for this fall in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.

The Democrats need another “pandemic” to keep people masked and at home rather than allow them to go out to the polls to vote in person. This will ensure an easier “win” for the left as it once again pushes mail-in ballots – or perhaps even a suspended election if they can produce enough scared Americans to achieve their endgame.

Not only do they want to stall or rig the election with more COVID lies, but they also want to keep the cashflow going into more “testing” kits and masks while once again redirecting as many retail dollars as possible back into Amazon and other e-commerce giants that raked in additional billions during COVID 1.0. New vaccines are due out soon as well, and nothing drives demand like fear and mandates.

“It seems pretty obvious that the White House would like to get everyone back into a heightened state of fear over whatever the latest COVID variant happens to be and CNN is playing along,” reports Hot Air.

“Before you know it, they’ll be pushing the next booster vaccine heavily and trying to get everyone to mask up again, despite masks having been shown to be almost entirely useless. If they think they can get away with closing the schools again, they’ll probably try. And the teachers’ unions will happily go along with them.”

The good news is that many of the people who fell for COVID 1.0 now know they got scammed and are unlikely to play along with COVID 2.0. This leaves very few Americans who are still hoodwinked enough to participate in a reboot of this tyrannical charade.

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