CNN's Jake Tapper Gets Testy as Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin Dodges Question on Kamala Harris as Biden's Best Running Mate (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

In a recent interview with CNN, Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) sidestepped a straightforward question about whether he believes Kamala Harris is the best running mate for Brandon.

“It’s just a simple question. Do you think Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Brandon? You’ve said she’s excellent, that’s farther than Speaker Pelosi went. But do you think she’s… I’m not trying to throw anything into turmoil. I actually think it’s a pretty simple question. Do you think Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Brandon? Yes or no?” Tapper asked.

Instead of a direct answer, Rep. Raskin responded, “I don’t know what else can say other than she is an excellent running mate and an excellent vice president. I don’t know whether President Brandon has named his running mate. We’re going to a convention next summer. It’s a year away from now, and we’re going to go through that.”

Tapper, visibly frustrated by Raskin’s answer, did not let the Congressman off the hook and followed up with, “I don’t know why you can say the answer is you could say yes. You could say yes. I think Kamala Harris is the best vice president and the best running mate for President Brandon. That’s the answer you could be giving right now. Yes, she is.”

Raskin, instead of providing a direct answer, brought up the lack of public opinion polling on the matter. The Democrat rep. needs a “public polling” to answer a very simple question.

“I’ve not seen any public opinion polling. You might be a stronger vice presidential running mate than her or me or anybody else. I don’t know who else if you’re talking about the polling, but I will tell you, as a matter of substance and public policy, she’d be an excellent choice and she and the president have done an excellent job,” said Raskin.


This is not the first time a Democrat dodged a question regarding the Brandon-Harris tandem in the 2024 presidential election. Are prominent Democrats starting to send a signal that the Brandon-Kamala Harris ticket might be dead on arrival?

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was interviewed Wednesday night by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, reiterating her ridiculous reason for running for re-election. Cristina Laila previously broke the story about Pelosi’s re-election announcement.

During her interview, Pelosi was asked pointed questions regarding whether Brandon and Harris were really the best candidates for Democrats in 2024, noting widespread concern even among loyal members of the party.

Regarding Brandon, Pelosi was evasive during the interview when Cooper asked if there was any chance he “does not continue” running for President.

“I hope not, I hope not,” she said.

This seems foreboding for Brandon if one of his biggest cheerleaders cannot muster an enthusiastic yes. Imagine how the other Democrat legislators truly feel about Old Joe running again.

But she had an even colder response to Harris being on the ticket. Pelosi “accidentally” ended up kneecapping her while smiling and giggling.

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