Comedian Performs Oscar-Worthy Rendition of a Triggered Woke Activist at Texas City Council Meeting (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Comedian and Youtuber Cassady Campbell gave his best rendition of a triggered woke activist during the city council meeting in Denton, Texas.

Since being uploaded on Wednesday, Campbell’s performance has been viewed close to 1,000,000 times on Twitter alone, with many calling the performance a spot-on parody of a liberal meltdown.

Riffing on the current situation in Ukraine and the ever-changing mindset of liberal progressive activists, Campbell wailed and stamped his feet over some of the most pressing injustices at the forefront of the woke agenda, while wearing his “Brandon for President” shirt, to boot – not a common sight.

Some of the best lines from his performance include:

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“If we have a nuclear war, it would be worth it if we could save just one life – ONE LIFE” *shrieking and weeping*

“The only way to fight for our democracy is to get vaccinated while supporting Ukraine in the FIGHT.” *heavy breathing*

One of the people I look up to, who I’ve begun to LOVE, is Klaus Schwab. And he said ‘by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.” – and I stand with him because I am not SELFISH.” *more shrieking and weeping*

For his closing statement, Campbell launched into a weepy-triggered meltdown over Brionna Taylor – the black woman who was shot during a no-knock raid by police and sparked a nationwide BLM revolt – saying that his “only regret” is that he, himself, couldn’t stop her “killers.”

Campbell really brings it home with his finale, hitting all the woke stereotypes perfectly, and in the most neurotic triggered way possible.

“My closing statement: my only regret is that I didn’t stop Brionna Taylor’s killers. I still remember it like it was yesterday, I was shopping at Target in the pride section, looking for a shirt for my six-year-old, openly gay-transgender nephew after I got off work at Starbucks, where I’m a barista. But at least I know that I was helping the LGBTQ community while Brionna Taylor was killed.”

Campbell’s time is up at this point, but he plows ahead and finishes the performance. The show must go on.

“Every night I lay on my pillow and I pray that Dr. Fauci will make a vaccine for white supremacy. I HATE MYSELF.” he shrieked.

Unsure if this was a serious individual or not, the chairman of the board attempts to move on, saying “thank you, that’s your time. We appreciate it,” but Campbell had one more burst of energy, unleashing a series of harsh shrieks and taking a knee in honor of Colin Kaepernick before finally handing the floor back to the committee.

The baffled chairmen then called a five-minute recess; they had no clue what to make of what just happened.

This is a trolling masterclass. The best part is the man in the black suit who eventually can’t contain his laughter (around min mark 1:30) once he realizes what is actually going on.

Take a look:

Gotta give him credit, this dude went all out for that performance.

Campbell is a common sight at public meetings such as this one. He regularly delivers woke satirical diatribes during open mic sessions. His YouTube channel, Cassady Campbell, has over 1.58 million subscribers and is where all of his content can be found.

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