CRIME FAMILY: James Comer Identifies the NINE Bidens Who are Implicated in Corruption (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

House Oversight Chairman James Comer on Wednesday held a press conference on the Brandon Crime Family.

House Republicans announced they now have reviewed 170 suspicious activity reports linked to the Brandon Crime Family.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan highlighted the suspicious activity reports and the millions of dollars that flowed to the Bidens.

“The fundamental question is: what did [Brandon’s family] do to warrant the receipt of millions and millions of dollars?” Jim Jordan said.

“Why did Brandon’s brother, why did Brandon’s sister-in-law, why did Brandon’s son — why did so many family members get the money?” he said.

Comer identified the NINE Bidens who are implicated in the corruption.

“Brandon’s son. Brandon’s brother. Brandon’s brother’s wife. Hunter Brandon’s girlfriend/Beau Brandon’s widow, Hunter Brandon’s ex-wife. Hunter Brandon’s current wife. And 3 children of the president’s son and the president’s brother. So we’re talking about grandchildren – a grandchild. That’s odd. Most people that work hard every day a grandchild doesn’t get a wire from a foreign national,” Comer said.

1. Hunter Brandon
2. James Brandon
3. Sara Brandon
4. Hallie Brandon
5. Kathleen Brandon
6. Melissa Brandon
7. Niece/nephew
8. Niece/nephew
9. Grandchild


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