Crime Family Update: Hunter Biden Says He Was Embarrassed by Laptop Contents - But Still Denies It was His | The Gateway Pundit

Hunter Brandon ready to orgy and get high. First released by The Gateway Pundit in Oct. 2020 days before the election.

Hunter Brandon recently testified that he was embarrassed by the content on his computers that he dropped off at a computer repair shop in 2019 but that the content from the laptops was not his.

Hunter left the computers at the shop in a drug and alcohol induced blackout. He never returned to pick up the computers. That’s when the computer shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac contacted the FBI and turned over the computers – but not before he made copies of its contents. The FBI sat on the computers and buried the story from the American public – even during President Trump’s first garbage impeachment. That’s when John Paul Mac Isaac turned the contents over to reporters and GOP investigators.

Now Hunter the crackhead is suing Mac Isaac.

This is one of those lawsuits that won’t make headlines. The liars in the mainstream media are still pretending this isn’t a story.

The New York Post reported:

Hunter Brandon testified recently that he was embarrassed by “offensive” content published from his laptop after he dropped it off for repair at The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019 – but still denies that the laptop or its contents are his.

The First Son provided confusing and often contradictory testimony under oath on June 29 during a six hour deposition related to a defamation action brought by John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the now defunct computer repair shop, who accuses Hunter of falsely insisting the laptop was not his, or was stolen, or that his information was hacked.

Hunter is countersuing Mac Isaac, accusing him of illegally distributing his personal data, and invading his privacy.

Portions of Hunter’s deposition are revealed for the first time in the opening brief of a motion filed by Mac Isaac, in Delaware Superior court late Thursday, to dismiss the countersuit with prejudice.

Hunter refused to admit in his deposition that he visited The Mac Shop twice in April 2019, despite Mac Isaac presenting evidence that Hunter signed a work order and provided his contact information.

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