Croatian Politician Says Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Is Acting Like a Dictator "of the Worst Kind" to His Face

A Croatian politician called out the dictatorial actions of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his face.  

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau was in Brussels for meetings with NATO.  A Croatian politician took the opportunity to welcome him. reports:

A European politician from Croatia humiliated Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the floor of the European Parliament during a speech, where he called Trudeau of acting like a dictator “of the worst kind.”

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The humiliation took place on Tuesday, as Trudeau and other NATO leaders meet in Belgium to discuss actions to be taken in Ukraine.

Member of European Parliament Mislav Kolakusic spoke after Trudeau on Tuesday, where he called him out for trampling on Canadians’ rights. Kolakusic also said that Trudeau sent in horses to trample on women.

Here’s a video of the speech:

What a disgrace Trudeau has made of himself while running horses over his own people.

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