Dan Bongino Reveals New Speculation on the Biden Regime's Unsolved Cocaine Scandal (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: Dan Bongino Facebook screenshot

While the corporate media has completely moved on from the cocaine scandal after the Brandon White House orchestrated a coverup, Dan Bongino is not letting go.

On Sunday, the conservative talk show host revealed that he received calls from insiders who had information on the scandal. The first five seconds of Bongino’s video teases the following details, saying “this is going to blow your mind.”


The first insider told Bongino that the Brandon Crime Family was nothing but pure “trash” and “garbage.” This caught Bongino’s attention because when he was on security detail for Barack Obama he had “very limited” interactions with the Bidens.

He went on share with Bongino the person responsible for the cocaine was not Hunter Brandon but another family member. This information probably will not come as surprise to Gateway Pundit readers because Soldier of Fortune publisher Susan Katz Keating said that “someone in the family orbit” not named Hunter was responsible. She also said Brandon who the individual was.

What Bongino says next is new insider information, however, and might qualify as mind-blowing.

Bongino went to tell his audience that he got a call from a second source who said that the cocaine left in the cubby hole was not an accident. It was left there as a “drop” for this Brandon family member.

In other words, this Bongino insider is telling him that a member of the Brandon Crime Family received a cocaine delivery in the West Wing as part of a drug deal.

To add more veracity to his story, Bongino quoted his second source who asked him the following question: “Who would have the power – think about this – to have coke delivered to the White House?”

When Bongino replied a family member, the source said “bingo.”

Bongino then detailed how a drug delivery to the White House would be made based on his experience in the secret service:

I would call up my coke delivery person and I would have them meet a White House staffer at one of the entry gates to the White House and the staffer could escort them (the drug dealer) in.

But here’s the thing. You’re not going to do a drop of a cocaine delivery to someone in the White House personally because you do not want anyone seeing it.

So what better way than to be escorted into the White House, pretend you are on a tour and say “oh look, I got to drop something off at the cubby first, my phone or whatever.” And you leave a cocaine bag in there and you tell that person in the White House, “hey your cocaine is in cubby B7.”

Bongino went on to tell his audience that Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle is “a confidante of the Brandon team” and warned that she will completely destroy the Secret Service unless the cocaine “mystery” is solved.

She has to reopen this investigation immediately or she has to resign. She can’t stay in her position.

She will destroy the Secret Service if they don’t get to the bottom of it.

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