DC Draino's Rogan O'Handley Announces Intention to Take His Free Speech Case to US Supreme Court

Rogan O’Handley, the infamous conservative DC Draino on Twitter, announced on Monday night that he and his lawyers will take his free speech case to the US Supreme Court.

In 2021 DC Craino was suspended from Twitter for “election misinformation” after he called for an audit of the national presidential election in November 2020.
This tweet was too much for the government censorship or the Twitter Partner Portal team at Twitter.

This was just the start.

Big Tech was complicit to this team 98% of the time in removing flagged content.

The California Secretary of State’s office led by current US Senator Alex Padilla.

Rogan’s final offense was this tweet about Brandon and his “81 million” votes.

That was too much for the government censorship team. Rogan was banned from Twitter after posting that tweet.

Last night Rogan O’Handley announced he and his attorneys are taking his case to the US Supreme Court after two liberal courts through out his First Amendment case.

** You can donate to The Liberty Center to help cover the case here.

Rogan posted this on Twitter on Monday night.

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