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Men and women across the country start fighting back against a Marxist ideology planted in the minds of American youth by left wing firebrands such as Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama.

These 2 crazies were the brainchildren of Saul Alinsky, author of Rules For Radicals. It becomes common knowledge that a soft coup has been underway in America for the last 8 years under the leadership of self-proclaimed communists and commie sympathizers. I began to notice that men and women around the country were being targeted, not for their sexuality, race, or gender, but for being conservative.

Like many Americans, I saw a pattern emerge at Trump rallies all over the US. Masked thugs who went by Antifa were brutally assaulting supporters of Donald Trump outside his rallies.

In the midst of all that chaos arose the unlikeliest heroes. A group of men called The Proud Boys. These rag-tag alphas from different social and cultural backgrounds started going to these rallies to protect Trump supporters from left-wing political violence.

Attacks on “MAGA” Conservatives began to drop, but propaganda-laden attacks began on this right-wing, all-male, chauvinistic group. Antifa upped their attacks, left-wing celebs, politicians, and media hailed support for their masked commie thugs as they stabbed, shot, and drove over Proud Boys. We saw the violence turn from Proud Boys to any journalist who showed Antifas brutal unchecked violence. In one of these attacks in Portland, Antifa targeted gay, Asian journalist Andy Ngo. This man was almost killed he was beaten so bad. He suffered a brain bleed and no one on the left said a word.

I watched this from my home in Florida and decided it was time to go from reporter to activist. I called a guy named Enrique Tarrio, the new leader of The Proud Boys, and decided a rally was in order. Not only to stand up to Antifa but to shine a spotlight on the cover-up of Antifa by American left-wing media.

I knew with my political clout and the popularity of the new Proud Boys group we could bring global coverage to the violence of the domestic terrorist group known as Antifa, and we did. Millions of men and women around the world got to see what we saw. What they saw was bloody, brutal, and unchecked. This really pissed off the left and made The Proud Boys enemy #1 of the left.

They didn’t like real men standing up to their masked cowards. They didn’t like seeing the ranks grow in The Proud Boys while members of Antifa ran and hid. Antifa was a major chess piece for the left to scare and intimidate Trump supporters from voting.

Trump wins and the political left loses its mind. Riots break out all over the country. An armed insurrection by leftists at the White House takes place sending the First Family to an underground bunker, all while legacy media screams, “fiery but mostly peaceful”.

Once I become a full-fledged member of The Proud Boys I begin to help their leadership plan and execute a number of rallies across the country. Every rally I helped plan was 100% successful with no arrests and no violence. I’m a firm believer in the Art of War. I believe it’s paramount to avoid violence. I believe that if violence occurs the battle is lost. My goal is to convince the “enemy” that if a fight were to occur, it would go so badly for them that they would have nightmares. So my tool was always the successful use of a propaganda campaign that would scare Antifa so bad, no violence would be necessary. I created a boogeyman so bad that Antifa would be crazy to show up to fight it, and it worked time and again.

Fast forward to the 2020 Presidential election. Trump’s 4 years is up and the left sends in Brandon. Many Americans see this as a sure win for 4 more years. Trump campaigns and at every event thousands attend. While Trump fills arenas, Brandon takes naps and eventually wins a highly contested election.

On Trump’s way out he calls for a rally on Jan 6. He tweets out that it will be wild, but no one ever expected just how wild it would be.

You all know the story from here, right? I highly doubt it, but I can’t go into full detail about that in this article. But I will tell you that 99% of what you’ve heard is bullshit, pardon my French, I was never much of a linguist. No, I didn’t lead an insurrection. No, I don’t hate police. No, I didn’t conspire to halt the certification of the election. And no, I didn’t use force to overthrow the government. All of this was actually proven in our 5-month trial. I was found innocent of any violence but convicted of Sedition for touching a fence that eventually went down. Now I, Joe Biggs, father of 6-year-old Savannah, retired US Army Staff Sergeant with zero criminal history face up to 20 years in prison for taking a piss in the Capitol by means of an open door via the directions of a Capitol Police Officer. I’m innocent of ALL these charges and will continue to fight for Justice!

I need your help! My family needs your help. I’ve already had my honorable military service stripped from me. Please don’t let them take the home I raise my daughter in.

Thank you,

Joe Biggs

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