Support For Pelosi and Schumer Led Congress Crashes By Half... Among Democrats

The Democrat Party is frustrated.  The “Build Back Better” nightmare didn’t pass and Democrats blame in part the leadership.

FOX News reported on Sunday that Democrats are upset with the leadership in the party.

Democratic lawmakers and party officials are beginning to cast blame on one another for the failure of the Build Back Better legislation championed by the left wing and pushed by President Brandon’s administration.

In a Los Angeles Times story, Democrats voiced frustration and confusion at the rhetoric used by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the White House, particularly chief of staff Ron Klain.

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One anonymous senator questioned whether it was Schumer and the administration that ultimately killed the spending bill.

“So Manchin walked away [from Build Back Better] because the White House was putting too much of a spotlight on him — and your response to that is to lean in further on voting rights so that he, once again, is seen as the problem?” an unnamed Democratic senator told the Los Angeles Times.

The anonymous lawmaker went on to call the strategy “idiotic.”

Just last week Obama had to gather Democrats in Congress to tell them to hang in there.

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Obama told the Democrats to take the wins they can get.  It’s not clear whether he’s referring to stealing another election or not.

The Democrats are destroying the economy with their policies.  Inflation is at a conservative 40-year high.  America is not energy-dependent based on Brandon’s policies.  They stole an election and put in place a totally corrupt senile old man who follows orders from Obama and God knows who.  They gave the Taliban $84 billion in pulling out of Afghanistan and are offering Iran much of the same.  Our southern border is open and Brandon is shipping illegals across the country.  And their last Presidential candidate and President spied on the Trump team.

Why would Democrats think anything they do is winnable in a free and fair election?

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