Democrats, MSM trying to blow up Trump’s classified docs issue yet again – Brighteon.TV –

The Right Side with Doug Billings: Democrats, MSM trying to blow up Trump’s classified docs issue yet again – Brighteon.TV

The Democratic Party and the mainstream media (MSM) are again trying to blow up the classified documents issue against former President Donald Trump, according to Doug Billings.

During the July 25 episode of “The Right Side” on Brighteon.TV, Billings cited how Trump addressed the recording where the former president touched on newspaper clippings and magazine articles. The MSM and Democrats twisted this to mean that Trump was discussing classified documents. But Billings noted that the two parties’ accusations against Trump are “a work of fiction” as the former president has always been clean.

“Trump is clean. He’s done nothing wrong. The media is spinning it, [and] they are going with it,” he said. “He’s talking about having articles, magazine clippings, newspaper clippings and the like about stuff that was in the news – Afghanistan, Iran, etc. – that were not classified documents,” said Billings before showing a video clip of Trump addressing the issue.

Trump stressed that he has done nothing wrong and that the allegations are a hoax, just like the Russia-gate issue and the now-discredited Steele dossier. Instead, current President Brandon is the one clearly doing all the wrongdoing with his acceptance of money from China and his boxes being “all over the place.”

“It’s called, I would say, election interference more than anything else,” Trump continued. “It’s a disgrace that they can do it.”

According to Billings, people who are again trying to spin this issue against Trump only make Americans support Trump more. He also noted the “strenuous effort” by the Democratic Party to keep the former president from returning to the White House. (Related: Trump indictment shows that power-crazed Democrats are INCOMPATIBLE with human society.)

Billings: Decent Democrats still exist

The host of “The Right Side” still thinks that there are good Democrats who do believe in America, even though they have a different opinion about things. He cited presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) as an example of a decent Democrat, despite some Americans disagreeing with what he stands for.

“We can talk with him, we can debate with him, we can compromise with him [and] we can reach [an] agreement with people like him,” Billings remarked.

The Brighteon.TV host said people who think Trump has done something wrong are basically “putting their intellectual immaturity on full display.” The former president and his family have been investigated more than any political family in the history of American politics for the last seven years, but the probes have found nothing wrong. This only proves that Trump is clean and, in Billings’ own words, “like Teflon [because] nothing sticks [to] him.”

“He has risen to new highs in the polls. He really is setting new highs, and the indictments are enabling him to gain more momentum. Because Americans are smart, Americans are intellectually mature [and] they can smell a rat. The rat is the Communist-Socialist [Party], formerly known as Democratic Party.”

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