Image: It begins: Democrats STARVE their own voters as pandemic freebies come to an end and the poor begin to die off

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When most Americans think of “bread lines” and “soup kitchens” they picture only the poorest of people who are jobless, homeless, and dying from starvation. Now, in America, many of those people waiting in long food lines were recently hard-working homeowners with stocked pantries, but things have quickly changed, thanks to the ruling Democrats in Washington DC. Yes, the scamdemic (pandemic) benefits have come to an end, and the “state of emergency” funds have dried up, along with food supplies, employment, and low interest rates.

The Covid food benefit is over. The “free” money from the Brandon Regime is now all going to the Nazi-sympathizing Ukraine dictatorship. Democrat handouts for buying street drugs is gone. People across America are waiting up to 9 hours in mile-long lines just to get a free meal (sometimes cookies and potato chips with zero nutritional value) once per day. Millions of Democrats are now saying that their own government is trying to starve them out and kill them.

Sea of despair and hardship sweeping across the United States as the Brandon Regime cripples the food supply and sends all our money to Nazi-loving Ukraine

Even though the Ukrainian army fought along side the Nazis in WWII, the corrupt and communist-led Brandon Regime would rather send all our tax-payer money to them, then to support Americans in their time of need. The federal government of America now loves Nazis and hates Americans. Save Ukraine, they declare, while letting our Republic sink like the Titanic.


The middle class of America is starting to look a lot like the lower class, and the lower class is pretty much homeless, drug-addicted, starving, or dead already. From the Covid clot shots to opioids, and from toxic tap water to dioxin-ridden soil, Americans are suffering health problems like never before. Still, the Brandon Regime claims “all is well” in America, and there’s nothing at all to worry about.

Instead of slashing poverty, Brandon is exacerbating it. The plandemic was just the beginning — the launch of socialism and communism in America. Now everybody is feeling the brunt of the desolation as the supply chain crumbles and the food supply disappears. SNAP benefits are falling like Wiley Coyote off a steep cliff. Government assistance programs are being quietly beheaded by the Brandon Regime.

Food pantries and soup kitchens across America are about to be completely overwhelmed with mile-long lines

“We are bracing, and our agencies, member food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens are not prepared for what is about to hit them,” … “This reduction, and end of the public health emergency, could not be coming at a worse time.” Says Ohio Association of Foodbanks executive director, Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. Demand at food banks already soared last year when retail food prices skyrocketed, thanks to the Brandon regime crippling the supply chain, fuel and fertilizers, with the global warming Ponzi scheme.

Empty shelves at supermarkets across America are just warning signs of what’s coming. Many stores are trying to hide this fact by putting empty boxes and pictures of food products where there are NO products on shelves. It’s all smoke and mirrors sponsored by fake news and a fake president who wants socialism installed ASAP in America.

Meanwhile, the USDA (in cahoots with the FDA) insists that there are no food shortages, according to their own disinformation website pages, stating, “there are currently no nationwide shortages of food and there are currently no widespread disruptions reported in the supply chain.” In fact, it’s just the opposite, as #BareShelvesBiden is trending on Twitter. Food is being rationed, as stores limit the amount of bread, meat, potatoes, and produce. Homeland Security is asking Americans to carry out “self-imposed rationing.”

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