Despite WaPo Reporters' Worship, Kamala Harris Complains About Her Media Coverage

Kamala Harris is complaining about the bad press that she receives.  Despite WaPo’s worship of the totally unqualified politician in DC, she complains anyways.  

This just isn’t right based on the coverage Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart lavished upon her:

Vice President Kamala Harris lashed out at the media in an end-of-year interview claiming they have failed to cover her strengths during her tenure.

Harris, speaking with Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart who lavished praise on the VP, said that ‘what you’ve been able to see is based on what gets covered.’

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Capehart was the second WaPo reporter to lavish praises on Harris in as many weeks.  FOX News covered this:

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson faced criticism after his recent defense of Kamala Harris.

“Outnumbered” panelists ripped Robinson for painting the vice president as a “victim” despite holding one of the nation’s highest offices.

Robinson came to Harris’ defense Tuesday when he was asked about her viability as a 2024 candidate.

“If VP Harris is not having impact, it is mostly – perhaps entirely – because she is in the gilded prison known as the vice presidency. She is a much better and more effective politician than her current position allows her to demonstrate. … She will be a formidable contender for the Democratic presidential nomination,” Robinson said.

“Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno immediately shut down Robinson’s argument, calling it a “hyperbolic, entirely wrong statement.”

Could it possibly be that ever since the video was released of Kamala on a date with Montel Williams years ago that it’s a bit difficult to take her seriously?

Could it be that she seems to laugh at all the wrong times?

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Or maybe she is not taken seriously because she and the Brandon regime are destroying the country, or because the southern border is open with millions crossing the border who we don’t know who they are, or because the economy is falling into a depression, or because the world thinks we are not a superpower anymore, or maybe it’s because she was put in power through a stolen and uncertifiable election?

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