DEVELOPING: House Passes Stopgap Bill in 221-212 Vote to Avert Government Shutdown

The House of Representatives on Thursday evening passed a bill to avert a government shutdown (funding expires Friday night).

The House voted 221-212 – All Democrats voted “yea” and one RINO Republican – Adam Kinzinger (shocker) voted with the Democrats.

The bill will fund the government through February 18.

The House-passed bill will now head to the Senate where it is expected to stall because a group of Republicans are demanding a vote on repealing Brandon’s federal vaccine mandates.

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If the Senate and House cannot agree on a bill tonight, the drama will continue into Friday.

Earlier Thursday Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told lawmakers not to support the interim bill.

“This government should be shut down…shut it down. Do no pass the CR. Shut it down.”


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