Image: Illegals pose as migrant children to get expedited access across U.S. border

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If you believe for one second that the Democratic regime currently in charge of the administration is filled with half-wits and incompetent dummies, you need to change your thinking.

It isn’t.

In fact, it is filled with evil geniuses — some of the most diabolical people you’ll ever meet who have made it their life’s work to destroy America as it was founded because they are tyrants at heart.

Case in point: There is a reason why Brandon appointed Alejandro Mayorkas to head up the Department of Homeland Security. It was because the people who are running Brandon’s administration knew that Mayorkas was a team player on the ‘Destroy America’ squad and intellectually deft enough to be able to contribute to the country’s continued destruction, in this case by diluting the native-born population with tens of millions of people from third-world countries who have no ties to America’s founding or history.

And all under the guise of trying to solve a “shortage of workers.”

Alejandro Mayorkas was asked on April 21 if there was room for a compromise on border security before a deal on migration policy. Mayorkas, a lawyer, responded with an answer that mimicked the style used in law books,” Your News reported this week, referencing an appearance Mayorkas made before Congress to lie about how he’s trying real hard to address the ongoing illegal alien crisis.

Here is what he said: “I am an unrelenting optimist, but I will share with you the following. What was articulated this week [by congressional legislators at hearings] is that  …  ‘We have 10 to 11 million vacant jobs, we have an incredible supply of [migrant] labor, and … we will not fix something like that until you secure the border.’ And my view of that is, it is a remarkable formula that [Congress] is holding the solution hostage until [Congress] fixes the problem.”


Translated, Mayorkas is saying Congress should throw open the doors to the country even wider to allow illegal aliens the opportunity to take jobs away from Americans who are entering the workforce every day.

Breitbart News noted in March this is strictly a push by Democrats and their corporate masters/donors:

Elected Democrats are making a new pitch for more legal immigration to the United States, teaming up with big business to suggest that green energy jobs ought to be filled with foreign workers rather than Americans on the labor market sidelines.

A number of mass migration lobbying groups, often corporate-funded, as well as Democrats told Politico that their latest venture includes pitching President Brandon’s administration to increase legal immigration levels so as to funnel foreign workers into green energy jobs.

“There’s no question that addressing our broken immigration system in America would address many workforce shortages,” Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) told Politico. “There’s employment needed right now. Jobs are available.”

Again, there are native-born American citizens who are entering the workforce every single day — not to mention that a tight labor market means companies will offer higher wages to attract workers. But flooding those job openings with millions of migrants will not only kill the labor market, it will also disincentivize companies from raising their pay. In fact, they’ll be able to either lower wages or keep them stagnant, which helps their bottom lines and fattens the retirement accounts of our Democratic political class (as well as their election coffers).

“The nation’s largest green energy companies serve as massive donors to elected Democrats, giving tens of thousands of campaign donations to the likes of Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), Ron Wyden (D-OR), Raphael Warnock (D-GA), and Joe Manchin (D-WV), among others,” Breitbart News revealed.

The fact is, the Democratic left hates America as founded, hates individual freedom, hates our traditions, and believes that they should be perpetually in charge in a uniparty system where they decide how we live. We cannot ever allow that to happen.

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