Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Drops Another Truth Bomb on 2020 Election

The man behind the Dilbert cartoon, Scott Adams, is at it again. 

Dilbert’s creator Scott Adams is a Trump supporter who had the courage to stand up before the 2016 Election and argue his position on Twitter and elsewhere.

Before the 2016 Election, Adams explained to Bill Maher why candidate Trump would win.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Real Time with Bill Maher: Trump Will Win Election in a Landslide (VIDEO)

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Others shared his tweets.

Kanye West Continues to Red-Pill the Masses – Tweets String of Scott Adams Videos

After the 2020 Election, Adams shared the obvious:

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams – The 2020 Election Was “Non-Transparent by Force” – It’s Illegitimate – Period

On Friday Adams shared another honest and obvious tweet on the 2020 Election:

We are shocked Twitter allowed this to be shared.  

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